We at arvold. believe that collaboration and shared knowledge elevates our collective craft of filmmaking – and education is an essential part of facilitating a deeper knowledge of that craft.

We offer classes and programs in Virginia and along East Coast, both under our arvold. umbrella and in partnership with other organizations. Please contact info@arvold.com with any questions or feedback about our classes, opportunities, ideas, or to inquire about custom programs we can provide for you.

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Arvold Vlog

  • actor training: why it matters - arvold CONVERSATION

    Casting director Erica Arvold, CSA, and acting coach Richard Warner talk about training, (formal and informal) and its aesthetic and practical impact on an actor's auditions and overall career. They discuss which tools are the ones that help an actor deliver.
  • the one thing you MUST do to book a job - arvold QUICK TIPS

    There are very, very few things that are must-do's for EVERYONE, but here's one. Casting director/producer Erica Arvold, CSA talks about a simple but crucial part of submitting to any job.
  • practical goals to advance your acting career in 2016 - arvold CONVERSATION

    Casting director/producer Erica Arvold, CSA talks with acting coach Richard Warner about practical goals an actor can set to advance their career in 2016, including the research an actor really must do to book a role. They also talk about how to assess your materials and how to find examples for comparison.
  • how to list work on an acting resume - arvold QUICK TIPS

    What work should an actor list on their resume? How should it be (literally) laid out/formatted? Casting director/producer Erica Arvold, CSA, talks with acting coach Richard Warner about the practical aspects of a resume and the main categories that should be included. They also talk about what NOT to do

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